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Italians have always been known for their eloquent design taste and have been paving the way in quality textiles for generations.  PARA Group fabrics have been designing and producing some highest quality of awning fabrics for over 80 years. Their belief  in the fabric quality begins at production. What started out as cotton fabric being used for garden furniture turned into expanding into awnings and sunshades. They then turned their attention towards the acrylic fabrics based on much higher durability and waterproofing capabilities. All fabrics go through a rigorous dyeing, cleaning and inspection process to insure the highest level in color fastness.

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Sail Away in the shade

Got Sails on your mind… We Do..

Sun Sail in Greece
Sun Sail for playground in Greece

Sun sails have become extremely popular over the past few years, and we are seeing an even more trend here in the US. What has been known as a contemporary, architectural element across Europe is now becoming ever more popular here in the US.

Why? They offer a versatile shade solution to smaller spaces. From apartments, terraces to expansive backyards, a sun sail can offer an airy yet functional element to your garden-scape.

So how can sun sails be incorporated into the landscape? Design a shape (triangular being the most commonly) , then choose your points of attachment. Sun sails can be attached to walls or free standing poles. the open feeling gives amble amount of shade without cumbersome cranks and levers or even heavy awnings. Sails can be easily removed for temporary use or be left out during your warm weather season. One of the most common challenges is water and wind. To overcome these obstacles, make sure that the sails always have a pitch of at least 30% decline and when measuring for your sail, make sure you have exact dimensions.Having a well structured sun sail can last for many years if properly installed.

There are so many options with sun sails, so pick a fabric that fits  your needs, awning fabrics offer optimum shade coverage and water resistance, mesh fabrics offer the shade and UV protection but may not offer the water resistance factor. So if your space can’t accommodate a large patio umbrella or you don’t want to go to the expense of a custom awning, that can easily be dated. Sun sails bring that sculptural element to any garden-scape.