Make Outdoor Rooms a Creative Oasis

Cabana, pavilion, tent, or  gazebo.. Whatever you may call it,  they are a creative oasis for an outdoor room. One that provides shade, privacy, and an intimate setting to relax and entertain. More and more these structures are becoming popular for several reasons: (1) create a defined design space for entertaining or lounging (2) provide not only shade protection but also offering side protection with the use of side panels or curtains (3) adding an extension to your outdoor living space. The Caravita TOSCANA Pavilion creates the perfect portable or permanent outdoor room. Affix with side panels and you can have a completely enclosed structure. Leave sides open for an island cabana feel.

Commercial Applications-In a recent trip to the west coast, a cabana style is a preferred shade solution,from restaurants to wineries. These tent-like structures not only provide shade, but protection against rain and wind. To my surprise, most of the commercial establishments have opted for a very industrial tent structure that has little to no design element, and side panels mimicking “arched windows”.  We understand shade, and the importance of providing beautiful design.  So GM’s and the Designers that have influence on a restaurant terrace: Get creative with your outdoor areas!! An outdoor terrace or  patio should be an extension of your dining area. Wouldn’t you want it to reflect the beautiful design you’ve already created on the interior? Here is a an opportunity to expand your terrace, making it as desirable to enjoy just as much as your interior.