England isn’t the only one with wedding fever…

Get ready for summertime wedding fun.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not rain in England the entire year. Southern England boasts warm breezes and temperate climates during the summer months. Perfect for a summertime wedding.  Therefore it isn’t that surprising that Englishman alike diligently prepare their gardens are terraces for the ever coveted warm day (s) of summer.  They might not be preparing for a royal wedding but they most certainly are preparing some much anticipated spring and summer warmth.

Resp. Pavilion TOSCANA

Private terraces aren’t the only outdoor areas being prepared for the summer. The coffee bars and reataurants in the bustling London’s City Centre equip themselves for the hustle and bustle of those sunny days.

Resp. EAT – The real food company in London ( provided by Flamingo Blinds)