Pavilion Toscana – Celebrate your time

Since ancient times and particularly in Asia pavilions were an architectural element, even sacred building structures. The tent-style canopies have created grandiose landscapes throughout Europe’s richest nobles. Pavilions have graced the grand entrances of castles, or provided a place or rest in the gardens and parks. Today, the pavilion still remains an item of popularity by still providing a sanctuary of shade and a place for relaxation. CARAVITA’s Toscana pavilions combine a noble design element that is strong and flexible adding elegance to any garden or poolside.

Toscana is an inviting element to any outdoor space, even in sizes up to 4 meters; Toscana remains unobtrusive with its trellis style walls. Thanks to its special design the Toscana is a flexible fixture that can remain be portable or permanent in any outdoor space. Easy to set up and dismantle, Toscana compactly stores away during off season occasions. Toscana is flexible in use and not only suitable for permanent installations.

For additional protection, Toscana offers not only shelter from the sun, but with the addition of side curtains, Toscana offers surrounded protection from the elements. Options of clear windows for added light, openness and unobtrusive views are available in addition to the traditional solid side curtain. Toscana is versatile to any design style and setting with its many offerings of fabric colors and finish options. (See CARAVITA catalog 2012)

Even after summers end, the Toscana pavilion can remain an integral fixture. Add lighting and infrared heating (Solamagic or Solaira) for prolonged use during the cooler months.

As a place of rest and relaxation in the garden, as an inviting canopy over your buffet or as a signature shade for your guests – Toscana is the right choice for any occasion.

When winter calls, outdoor heating answers

It’s that time of the year again, the leaves have turned and the days have gotten shorter with the fast approaching winter season. The holiday decorations begin to arrive, with store shelves stocked with mulling spices and gourds.

And as the winter slowly approaches, it doesn’t mean that the outdoor areas have to completely go into hibernation. Quite the contrary; with the proper equipment, winterizing your garden terrace to work with the seasons can be done easily with the appropriate heating units. We shed some light on the subject.

1) Freestanding Propane Heaters

Classic Patio Heater
by Steve Parker (CC-BY-2.0)

The most common of patio heaters is the propane filled free standing units. Portable and functional from residential to commercial applications. However the open flame can have its drawbacks, although most free standing propane heating units can produce 360 degrees of heat, the heat is concentrated around the area in which the heater is stationed. In commercial settings or being used in an enclosed area, fire rated fabrics may be required. Throughout Europe, Propane heat is becoming less of a prevalent heat source because of its gas emissions. Additionally propane heaters typically run off of a portable tank which typically has capacity to run approximately 11-20 hours depending on the usage.

Pyramid Heater
by jasonwoodhead23 (CC-BY-2.0)

2) Pyramid Heaters

Pyramid heaters introduce a great improvement over the freestanding heater with their unique shape and enclosed flame. Flames are enclosed behind a protective glass, thus minimizing the risk of ignition of outside materials. Also with the unique pyramid design, heat generated covers a wider surface area. The same drawbacks as with a conventional freestanding heaters remains with the interchanging of gas tanks, along with the space restrictions it poses.

3) Infrared-heaters
Infrared-heating takes heating outdoor terraces to an entirely new level. With conventional gas heat, the air is warmed contrary to infrared rays that warm persons or objects in its path, not the air. You are left with a more concentrated, direct source of heat with no direct CO2 emissions. In addition, systems like Solamagic or Solaira infrared heating systems can save up to 60% of heating costs when compared to gas heating systems.


There is no open flame, so not high winds will not present a challenge to extinguishing the heat source also, the requirement for fire rated fabrics is greatly reduced along with providing a clean air approach to heating the outside.
The versatility in infrared heating also extends to its applications. Infrared heaters can be installed along the masts and struts of outdoor umbrellas providing multiple functions of shade and heat. The latest designs and technology have umbrellas integrated with wires for a clean, professional installation with minimal space impact even under umbrellas.

2 Solamagic Heaters
with mast attachment
Solamagic Heater
with arm attachment

4 Solamagic Heaters
with mast attachment

In conclusion gas powered heating systems have the advantages of mobility especially in areas where no electricity is present. However they pose the challenges of recent air quality restrictions, usage in windy conditions and space impact. Infrared heating is a non-obtrusive solution one that’s energy efficient, low cost and space saving.