Turun Markiisi ja Peite – Playing with shadow and light

Turun Markiisi ja Peite, located in Rusko, Finland (ca. 120km west of Helsinki), is a seasoned sun and weather protection specialist. Their products range from awnings, patio umbrellas, sun sails, to tarps, conservatories and shutters. Outside of the high quality shade products, their services have also expanded into providing complete outdoor space planning and design. Here are just a few examples of some of their projects:

The Bremer restaurant offers excellent meals at affordable prices. With a wide variety of menu options from burgers, nachos, salads and sandwiches, the menu caters to the budget. The backyard is shielded from the outside, providing a place for rest and relaxation. Two patio Surpremo shades create a summery ambiance.

Cozy up to the E. Ekblom wine bar, named for its founder Elias Ekblom. The wine paired menu is elegant and guests can enjoy dining inside the restaurant or on the spacious terrace. Here again, two white patio Supremo umbrellas generate a very special ambience at night, offering sun and even rain protection.

Enjoy breath taking views of Kailo and Jakoluoto islands and neighboring marina from Naantaili restaurant as guests enjoy an evening by the sea. The prominent long terrace is shaded by 13 white patio Riviera umbrellas customized with the restaurants logo. The evening ambiance is turned on at night creating an enchanting dining atmosphere.