Spotight Pinella Restaurant –Turku, Finland

The city of Turku is located where the river Aurajoki meets the Baltic Sea. West of the capital Helsinki, Turku is the fifth largest city in Finland with a population of about 180,000. At the center of the city, along the banks of Aurjoki, tucked in a small park is a hidden gem, Pinella restaurant.

This restaurant and bar is one of the oldest dining establishments in the country. Steeped in 175 years of history Pinella as it is called today first opened its doors in 1848, by Nils Pinello as a café.Towards the end of the 19th century, Pinella had established itself as a gathering place for artists and was even lead by the Turku Club of Artists. In 1973, the restaurant added on to the orignal wooden building with an adjoining colonnade with its iconic vaulted ceiling.
Today, Pinella combines classic architecture with modern elements and fine dining that create a unique atmosphere. The historic stone building houses the restaurant, where the chefs prepare culinary delights inspired from around the world. The menu is contemporary with a wide variety of options from small plates, salads to full entrees and hearty soups. The in-house bakery offers artisanal breads backed daily complementing any dish.

The original wooden Pinella building houses the new champagne and cocktail bar. The bar offers something special where guests can rendez vous after dinner for drinks. Expert bartenders prepare creative cocktails from the freshest ingredients paired with the finest spirits.

During the summer, Pinella opens its two terraces. On the park-side terrace, guests of the Pinella bar enjoy champagne, cocktails and an excellent view of the surrounding park area. The terrace is shaded by five round patio Big Ben umbrellas, installed by Turun Markiisi ja Peite from Rusko.

The riverside terrace, with the adjoining colonnade has an unhindered view over the bypassing Aurajoki river, offering a serene dining area for guests. Installers Turun Markiisi ja Peite installed four Big Bens with integrated lighting and Solamagic-heaters (completely integrated) offering sun protection by day and guaranteeing comfort at night.

Photo rights were approved by Pinella