The next step in shade design

Umbrellas are more than just shades. They can become an integral part of your landscape design with unique shapes and vibrant colors. Innovative shade design is taken to a whole new level.

Creative designs give you the possibility of a fully personalized shade solution. Look for inspiration in one of our eleven artistically drafted basic designs and with a combination of over 100 colors; makes each shade truly individual. Design your own pattern and we will make to your order specifications. Options don’t stop at the fabric, select from any of our RAL classic powder finishes for your frame, and you can even select a special finish for your hub (if applicable).

With so many creative designs, the possibilities are endless. Customize with your company or organization’s colors. Choose between bold or simple accent lines, create your own custom valance or just simply print your logo or message.

Have fun and be creative with your shade for your backyard or terrace. Creative designs add an imaginative element that can complement the architecture of your home of business. Playing with color and shapes can accentuate any terrace and we put the design in your hands to create what works for you. With Caravita creative designs, there are no boundaries.