Las Vegas – Decadent pleasures in the Nevada desert

Las Vegas – Bright lights, big city right in the heart of the Nevada desert. Scandalous and famous all at the same time, this desert city is the aura of the forbidden. Outside of the gambling, decadent nightlife, the Las Vegas “Strip“ stands out in all its many attractions twenty-four seven.

The dark and dim casinos of old have long since been given way for gigantic palaces of mega resorts in which visitors can enjoy a rich variety of entertainment, art, wellness and luxury. Gigantic hotels merge with grand casinos, shopping malls and fascinating attractions, guaranteeing visitors an abundance of fascinating sights to experience.

In the heart of the Las Vegas Strip is hotel giant, Caesars Palace the ancient Roman Empire inspired hotel complex. Artfully adorned Roman statures, classic columns in marble and gold, fountains and olive trees capture the essence of ancient Roman times. Guests are greeted with marble paneled interiors and elaborate hallways with monumental pillars and giant statures.

Visitors enter in to the Forum Shops, three floors of cobbled alleyways, below the fresco painted sky with a host of over 160 exclusive boutiques and luxury shops. From jewelry, apparel, beauty products, and all the major and boutique brands can be found along these Roman alleyways. Throughout the halls of shops, visitors will find piazzas with playful fountains, and imaginative formations of magnificent statures of ancient gods and of course Caesar. Visitors can also enjoy many of the cafes and restaurants that line the hall of shops.

Planet Hollywood now calls the Forum Shops home with a front outdoor terrace facing the strip. Famed for its themed old world Hollywood decor and its abundance of movie memorabilia, Planet Hollywood is not just a restaurant but a trip down Hollywood’s memory lane. Diners will find stable American fare; burgers, pasta dishes, salads and sandwich creations. The two story restaurant offers dining guests a fantastic front seat view the Las Vegas strip from the two balconies overlooking the Mediterranean style garden, and in amongst olive trees and Caesars iconic Roman architecture.

With two floors of seating for guests in the hot desert sun, weather protection is a must. Six square Samara Plus center mast umbrellas were used to cover the first floor balcony while a combination of cantilever Amalfi Plus shades and two giant Big Ben center mast shades flanked the outside. Bold in there Roman red fabric with white frames brings elegance and sophistication to the outdoor dining areas. The perfect mix of the old world charm of the ancient style architecture blended with modern day convenience and design.