Rethink your outdoor advertising with these revolutionary valances for parasols

Many hospitality businesses offer their guests different menus, depending on the time of day or season. But only regular guests, who are already familiar with the owners business, know about it. So the question is:
How to draw the attention of new guests to a current offer?

Parasol valances, which can be changed, depending on the time of day or season! The idea is simple, but brilliant. The concept acquires an especially efficient and inexpensive advertising space for the hospitality business. Outdoor advertising can hardly be more striking.

Party evening with live music, happy hour with special drinks, asparagus season with fresh asparagus dishes or weekly spareribs dinner on Thursday? No problem – simply attach the matching valance to your parasol, depending on the message needed. On the next event there will definitively be a few new guests among the others.

Changing the valances is really easy. Open the zipper, take off the valance und attach the new valance. – Done! There is hardly a faster and easier way to change any kind of advertising message. The interchangeable valances offer a maximum of flexibility.

The valances are made of robust PVC and can be printed with any kind of motives on it. For more information about the useful interchangeable valances, have a look at the CARAVITA brochure “New Products 2014”.