CARAVITA Photo Competition: Check out the first submissions!

The CARAVITA Photo Competition is in full swing! Many pictures of sun sails and parasols from all over the world have been sent to us (and still are). We’re happy to show you a selection of the best submissions in advance.

Have a look at our selection of the first favorite places of our contributors from France:

Belvedere, Saint Clement de Riviere, France
Belvedere, Saint Clement de Riviere, France
Big Ben, Le Grand Café, Serignan, France
Big Ben, Le Grand Café, Serignan, France
Sun sail, Pont Gibaud, France
Sun sail, Pont Gibaud, France

You like the submissions, but you don’t know how to best stage your parasol?
Then have a look at our photo guide! Here you will find a few tips and tricks. They are simple to use and will help you to present your CARAVITA parasol or sun sail in the best possible way.

You want to participate? Start right now! Submit your photos and take part in our photo competition. You’ll find all the necessary information right here:



Photo competition – Win 1.000 € / $ 900 with your CARAVITA patio umbrella!

Your terrace is the most beautiful and comfortable place in the whole wide world? Your restaurant is the hotspot and the place to be? Your well-groomed perfect garden with pool is adorned with a CARAVITA sun sail?

Then grab your camera and show us your favorite place! It doesn’t matter whether you have a DSLR camera, a tablet or a smartphone – we are looking forward to the most beautiful photos of your gardens, terraces, bars, cafés and restaurants with installed CARAVITA-patio umbrellas and sunsails.

There are no limits to your imagination when taking photos. It’s your decision whether you take your pictures in the morning hour or in the evening, catch the most beautiful moment and convince the CARAVITA jury to win the 1st prize of 1.000 € / $ 900 cash. To show us all aspects of your favorite place you can submit up to 5 photos of a single project.

By applying some simple tricks, photos often become a lot more interesting to the viewer. Therefore we prepared a little photo guide for you. Learn how to improve the photos of your patio umbrella or sun sail in order to get the best results. You’ll find the guide on “how to take better photos” here.

Your photos are all done and you’d like to submit them? They you should pay a visit to the CARAVITA homepage. You’ll find the registration form, detailed information as well as the terms and conditions of the competition.

European participants please visit:

USA participants please visit:

Bremer - Bar and Restaurant
Your photo could look like this. It doesn’t matter whether you show us your garden
or restaurant; we are looking forward to your photo.