TREND SPOTTING- Cohesive Design for Community Town

The Danish city of Kolding dances to a different pulse. Approached by the towns administrators to provide a cohesive design of shade for the local town center. In 2010 the highly trafficked shopping areas were a hodgepodge of shades, lining up and down the streets. The challenge; provide shade that would expand the shopping and dining district with a beautiful and cohesive look. As a result, the city of Kolding commissioned Poulsen & Östberg Butiksindretning a Caravita partner to provide shades, one with a classic design that would provide lasting shade and rain protection to residents and tourists while shopping and dining.

Kolding is know for being one of the best corporate cities in the Danish region of Kolding-Vejte- Frederics. Thousands of people come daily to shop into the city.  With such high demand to cater to the outside shopping and dining experience, Caravita partnered with its distribution partner Poulsen & Östberg Butiksindretning,  and created this  new identity for Kolding. All of the dining and retail establishments were required to adhere to he new architectural guidelines .

Caravita sunshade Riviera in black with silver mast.

Adhering to the culture of Kolding, the town realized it had a lot to offer did not want to destroy the integrity of the cities beautiful architecture with retractable awnings, individual shades were the best solution. And very attractive ones at the that…