Fall into Outdoor Living

White cantilevered Amalfi


Believe it or not, it’s nearly September, and whether we want to accept it or not, summer is coming to end. Despite the end of the season, there are still several weeks of nice weather to come for enjoying your backyard or outdoor terrace, including Labor Day barbeques. Take advantage of the last minute deals to redesign your patio and embrace the cooler temperatures that fall will bring.

One of our successful retailers, Babmar, has found numerous ways to embellish an outdoor space with our umbrellas. Founded in 2002 and located in San Diego, California, Babmar manufactures the highest quality commercial grade hand woven and weather resistant outdoor furniture.  They have arranged contemporary-style pieces for pool settings, hotel terraces, and patios.   

 A popular trend in warmer climates, like California are outdoor kitchens. In the photo to the left, see how our cantilevered, white Amalfi  offers a unique shade solution over the bar area.

Every season, there are always hot, new colors that fall into style.  The top 6 colors Style Expects predicts for Fall 2010 are Camel, Rich Purple, Modern Metallic, Mixed Olives, Pale Blue, & Bright Red. Caravita will customize any of those shades! Our most common requests have been shades of purple, green, blue, and metallic that you can see featured in our various blog entries. It seems we are right on track with the “in” colors for this fall.

Spruce Up Your Backyard

There are many ways to integrate new and innovative furnishings into your backyard or outdoor patio. Designers- consider unique ways to incorporate ambiance and lighting. Here are some of our favorites- to create a unique atmosphere in an outdoor and indoor setting.

Floating lamp in pool made by Smart Green

Smart green, a Miami company, features various spherical  and square shaped globes that can accent any  outdoor  space. Their various designs are seen floating in pools, accenting hallways, ambient outdoor porches, and bedrooms. Ebel, another favorite of ours creates beautiful collections, traditional and contemporary.

We have the ability to cater to the customers’ preferences with our various collections, colors, and designs.

Fig Bajazzo
Purple Samara

So what type of patio umbrella will spruce up your  terrace or patio? When it comes to ultimate  shade protection, we feel the bigger the better. At Caravita, choose from a variety of collection of umbrellas up to 20 feet, center-masted or cantilevered.  Experimenting with various designs, bright colors- like our fig green  shown in the photo above  can bring a new and lively atmosphere to your backyard or patio.   Customers also have the option  to choose from selection of RAL powder coat finishes- greys and chestnuts seem to be the most popular this season. Pair a Grey color mast with bright colored shade, for a perfect complementing statement.

Looking for a specific pattern to add flare to your backyard? How about a contrast binding to add a nice finishing detail.  Also, check out our creative shades, where you can design your own combination.

“Magic comes in all shapes and sizes”




Ivory center masted Big Ben
Light green Riviera with wind roof
Fig colored Riviera with wind roof

Located in Amonk, New York,

Mariani Gardens allows its visitors to be emerged into indoor and outdoor landscapes of intricate designs.  Owner Michael Mariani uses his creative abilities to work with customers to create a unique landscape in a vast open area of land or small, intimate space.  He has traveled worldwide to bring exotic trees, shrubs, annuals, and perrenials to the gardens. As you travel throughout the gardens you will be exposed to “one-of-a-kind landscape” with a blend foliage and stone, designed by Chesney’s of London. The gardens will also take you through an indoor setting with Japanese influence such as bonsai trees, palms, and other exotic foliage.  Mariani Gardens also has a florist that will design  arrangements of “exotic blooms”for your home, business, bar mitzvah,or wedding.

Caravita‘s five sunshades  are scattered about the showrooms and gardens creating seating areas and vignettes for your inspiration.  These photos display our umbrellas’ various colors and customization options that can be tailored to  to their  customers preference, contemporary or classic.    Our special wind roofs shown in our fig and light green Rivera umbrellas allow extra ventilation from the top of the umbrellas.   See our more traditional design in our Samara with valances, beautiful on an outdoor patio, or see how our cantilevered Amalfi can be displayed in the indoor glassed patio. A simple center masted Big Ben looks sharp in the garden setting above.


Gray cantilevered Amalfi
Natural white Samara with valances

 Like us, Mariani works with his clients to customize an ideal landscape with stone expressions, ceramics, and flowers to their preference.  Enjoy a day outside visiting Mariani Gardens and gain new design insight for your indoor and outdoor furnishings or landscapes.


Bigger is Better

Four of Caravita's Bajazzo 20 foot umbrellas form a tent in the center of this beautiful outdoor plaza.

At Caravita we manufacture high quality patio umbrellas that range in size from seven to twenty feet.  You may question why would anyone need an umbrella of twenty feet? You would be surprised by how an umbrella of this size could benefit an outdoor space.  Let us take you through the benefits of owning such a large patio umbrella. The umbrella should be at least be 4-5 feet larger than the area being shaded.  Therefore, to shade an area with a table and chairs that seat up to 4 people (approximately 5 feet), an umbrella of at least nine feet would be needed to accomodate the space.  That 4-5 foot rule would apply as the shaded space grows. This is why at  Caravita we offer customization options  based on the arrangement of your outdoor living space.   With our various options from  center masted to cantilevered umbrellas also ranging in color,size, and fabric, we can be sure to cater to any customer’s needs.   As you can see in the image to the right, our large umbrellas like the Bajazzo series are used in groupings to create the effect of forming a large tent.  Check out michaelcaravita.com to view our several other series and customization options!

Acrylics…the Best Shade Solution!

When creating our classy sun shades, sun sails, and pavillions. Caravita will customize our acrylic fabrics based on the customers’ preferences. Let us introduce you to three of our favorite companies when it comes to  deciding the fabrics for our products.

First, we have Dickson Constant, a leading European awning fabric company, which creates “innovative textiles for your world.” Dickson has made several lines of 100% solution- dyed  acrylic  fabrics available in various patterns and colors and made to maintain unbeatable colorfastness .  The fabrics hold true to their quality with UV protectant and a Cleanguard water and stain resistant treatment allowing them to live up to their 5 year warranty.

Next, let us tell you about an Italian company we work with called Para. Para’s Tempotest fabrics are also 100% solution-dyed acrylics with a 93-98% filtering effect protecting against UV rays. Awnings and outdoor patio umbrellass made with this fabric reduce heat up to 20% for light colors, 20-30% for pastels, and over 30% for dark colors.  The fabrics have been tested for harmful substances under the International Oeko-Tex Association Confidence in Textiles, have TUV Italy certification, are treated with a HI-Clean finishing for mould and water protection, and have a Dupont Teflon  Extreme coating for solar protection. All of these components guarantee an 8 year warranty for the fabrics. 


Finally, we have our Sattler fabric. Sattler also makes solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, but one of its best qualities is its optional flame retardant coating called Firemaster Plus. This is ideal due to the strict fire codes that have developed in the recent years, particularly in California. It also offers  the best protection against rain and a 5 year warranty.

Relax and Recover in Emmerich on the Rhine

Our Big Ben patio umbrellas on the cafe's terrace.

On the Lower Rhine, near the Dutch border, lies the city of Emmerich (approx. 30000 inhabitants).  Tranquil bike paths, beautiful museums, and river boat tours make this small village a perfect place to relax and recover from a busy lifestyle.  Emmerich welcomes its visitors with quaint restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars.

The city’s restaurants and cafes are distinguished by their traditional German design.  The new Caravita Big Ben patio umbrellas accents the European design on this restaurant’s terrace and overlooks the Rhine bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Germany.