Traditional, comfortable and cosmopolitan – Restaurant „Zum Murnauer“ at the “Staffelsee”


The traditional and comfortable restaurant “Zum Murnauer” in Murnau at lake “Staffelsee” convinces its guests with selected treats which make gourmet’s hearts leap for joy.

The extraordinary architecture and a relaxing fireplace lounge shape the interior of the restaurant which is also a well-known event location.

Host Benjamin Schmitz provides you with your favorite dishes which you can enjoy together with a good glass of wine. Bavarian food with a touch of international treats – it is an exotic mix which has convinced many guests before you. The hosts of course also take care of your little ones – the playing ground is the perfect place for them.

The beer garden outdoor area invites you to sit down and relax with an impressive view of the Alpine panorama. The extravagant ambience at “Zum Murnauer” is completed with Big Ben. When we are talking about “Big Ben” we do not mean the well-known bell-tower in London, but the representative CARAVITA parasol which is the eyecatcher on the restaurant’s terrace. For the flamboyant sun protection, which is available in over 100 colors, the “Murnauer” chose a vibrant pink canopy. It is visible from a long distance and is the signature colour of the event location near the lake “Staffelsee”. The seven parasols with its huge dimensions (4 x 6 m)  offer a comfortable atmosphere and a place to linger in front of the wonderful panorama of the Alps. Take some time off – the Restaurant “Zum Murnauer” is the perfect location!

“Hans im Glück” – enjoy delicious Burger creations!

“Hans im Glück” (Eng. “Hans in Luck”, brothers Grimm fairytale) has the aim to give a special moment of hapiness to all its guests with its burger creations. No matter if you wish to have a classic burger with beef or if you prefer a vegetarian dish with avocado – at this restaurant in the “Luisenstraße” street in Munich every guest gets something special according to the individual taste.
Already at noon there is hustling and bustling going on at the restaurant. In no time the small inner yard of the restaurant is filling up with people. Protected below the CARAVITA Samara parasols people enjoy their burgers outside. With a cosy ambience like this, some guests would love to prolongate their lunch break.

"Hans im Glück"
“Hans im Glück”

TREND SPOTTING- Cohesive Design for Community Town

The Danish city of Kolding dances to a different pulse. Approached by the towns administrators to provide a cohesive design of shade for the local town center. In 2010 the highly trafficked shopping areas were a hodgepodge of shades, lining up and down the streets. The challenge; provide shade that would expand the shopping and dining district with a beautiful and cohesive look. As a result, the city of Kolding commissioned Poulsen & Östberg Butiksindretning a Caravita partner to provide shades, one with a classic design that would provide lasting shade and rain protection to residents and tourists while shopping and dining.

Kolding is know for being one of the best corporate cities in the Danish region of Kolding-Vejte- Frederics. Thousands of people come daily to shop into the city.  With such high demand to cater to the outside shopping and dining experience, Caravita partnered with its distribution partner Poulsen & Östberg Butiksindretning,  and created this  new identity for Kolding. All of the dining and retail establishments were required to adhere to he new architectural guidelines .

Caravita sunshade Riviera in black with silver mast.

Adhering to the culture of Kolding, the town realized it had a lot to offer did not want to destroy the integrity of the cities beautiful architecture with retractable awnings, individual shades were the best solution. And very attractive ones at the that…

Commercial use of cantilevered umbrellas offers shade and added space

Installation of the Amalfi Collection at the The Dupont Hotel, Washington, DC

Now that spring has sprung, it is time to get ready and open up the doors to your outdoor terraces and patios. Although some parts of the  country may  still be blanketed with a white powdery dusting, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the warmer weather.  Spring is here!  So have you realized you have limited space on your outdoor restaurant seating or even garden terrace? Here is a solution- With the use of  cantilevered umbrellas (side pole), you not only maximize space, add visibility but create a dramatic appeal. Don’t have room for heavy cumbersome bases- try a wall mount option allowing optimum floor space or an in ground installation. Bases can be covered with heavy planters, creating a border effect and defining seating areas.

With a the wall mount option, umbrellas can be easily rotated against a wall when not in use allowing for additional space for small terraces or patios. The every present challenge of small space shade solutions, is no longer. So now that spring is here, enjoy the sun- or the shade.