Rethink your outdoor advertising with these revolutionary valances for parasols

Many hospitality businesses offer their guests different menus, depending on the time of day or season. But only regular guests, who are already familiar with the owners business, know about it. So the question is:
How to draw the attention of new guests to a current offer?

Parasol valances, which can be changed, depending on the time of day or season! The idea is simple, but brilliant. The concept acquires an especially efficient and inexpensive advertising space for the hospitality business. Outdoor advertising can hardly be more striking.

Party evening with live music, happy hour with special drinks, asparagus season with fresh asparagus dishes or weekly spareribs dinner on Thursday? No problem – simply attach the matching valance to your parasol, depending on the message needed. On the next event there will definitively be a few new guests among the others.

Changing the valances is really easy. Open the zipper, take off the valance und attach the new valance. – Done! There is hardly a faster and easier way to change any kind of advertising message. The interchangeable valances offer a maximum of flexibility.

The valances are made of robust PVC and can be printed with any kind of motives on it. For more information about the useful interchangeable valances, have a look at the CARAVITA brochure “New Products 2014”.

Big Ben 2 defies even storms!

Stuttgart. The Mercedes-Benz wind tunnel. Tense faces looking at a console with flickering screens.
„10km/h more“, Michael Caravita demands.
The noise of the wind increases, becomes almost deafening. When the wind sensor finally shows the magic number, the noise of the wind is drowned by cheering – 100 km/h!

In the high-tech wind tunnel of Mercedes-Benz, usually cars have to show what their worth under the most adverse conditions. Today, umbrellas made by CARAVITA have to prove themselves in the fight against the elements. The tests show which improvements have a positive impact on the product, and these are then made ready for the market.

Caravita Big Ben 2 a great success
“We knew that our umbrellas withstand high stress. Nonetheless we’re overwhelmed by the incredible values that we have witnessed today.“, says Michael Caravita. “We’re particularly pleased about the benchmarks of the new BIG BEN 2. We’ve worked hard on further improving the construction of the giant umbrella Big Ben over the last year. The new BIG BEN 2 is now equipped with a flatter roof and longer U-profiles as support for the struts. Therefore we’re particularly proud of having reached the magic threshold of 100km/h with the 3x3m-version this umbrella!”

Of course, with high wind speeds it still is the best solution to close an umbrella. Nonetheless, high benchmarks make sense and are increasingly often asked for. Because even though nobody would like to sit on a terrace with these high wind speeds – ultimately, it is also important to provide a feeling of security and safety.

365 days of summer…

South Carolina is one of those U.S.States made to enjoy the sun. Cities like Charleston benefit from their top-location at the Atlantic Ocean. Even winter comes with fantastic temperatures and invites to explore the various attractions. With the Waterfront Park, the American Military Museum and South Carolina Aquarium, the city has a lot to offer its visitors and citizens in this regard.

The Tides Luxury Condominiums provide a stylish residence near the coast for all those who wish to settle down in the multifaceted city. Living close to nature, combined with a luxurious atmosphere makes for an attractive and delightful living experience.

The central Amenity Center provides a large fitness center with matching outdoor pool area. After the workout, the spacious rooftop-terrace invites to relax. Two royal blue patio umbrellas model Supremo (installed by B Squared Purchasing) create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the view over the adjacent marshes.

PANO – all the best of bakery, café and bistro!

Centered in the heart of Bavarian Germany along the banks of the River Danube is the city of Ingolstadt. The small town boasts 130,000 residents and is widely know for its rich histroy and beautiful historic centre.

Ingolstadt is home to the bakery-chain “Backhaus Hackner“. Over 60 years in the business, Backhaus Hackner was founded as a simple bakery by Anton Hackner Sr. Today the company is led by the third generation of the Hackner family, maintaining over 30 branches and still carries the original rascals Max and Moritz in its logo. Following the motto “who bakes this good, cooks good as well”, new concept restaurant PANO now follows in the footsteps of its predecessors as the new family business.

PANO combines all the best of the bakery, café and bistro all rolled into one location. In addition to the freshly baked goods from their own kitchen, PANO provides guests with the diversity of light and hearty meals in a comfortable atmosphere. Even classic Mediterranean meals have made their way into this eclectic menu.

From the warm croissants, sweet treats, coffee, tea and fresh squeeze orange juice right on down to the most delicious pasta and crispy pizzas, Pano has something for everyone.

PANO also has a spacious outdoor terrace for those who want to enjoy their meal outside. Plenty of tables are shaded with three large Big Ben shades await the guests. Surrounded with green hedges and tall trees the terrace becomes a relaxing oasis to enjoy the summer!

Insider tips to Norway!

Outdoor dining at its finest…

Hvaler is a community  in the province of  Norway, just  on the east side of the Oslo fjord.

Tourists and artists alike flock to Hvaler´s  for its archipelago landscape, which consist of 833 forested islands. These islands are connected through toll road and channel to the mainland.

Shrimp harvesting along with tourism is still an integral part of the economic development in Hyaler.  The small village of 3700 residents during the winter months,   grows to over 30,000 during the summer season.  This peaceful village blossoms seeking rest and relaxation in this peaceful village.

Visit Hot spot seafood restaurant  Forste Reis in Skaerhalden, which opened in June 2009. Boasting your idyllic outdoor waterfront,    guests can enjoy the view while being shaded under Caravita’s patio umbrellas .