PANO – all the best of bakery, café and bistro!

Centered in the heart of Bavarian Germany along the banks of the River Danube is the city of Ingolstadt. The small town boasts 130,000 residents and is widely know for its rich histroy and beautiful historic centre.

Ingolstadt is home to the bakery-chain “Backhaus Hackner“. Over 60 years in the business, Backhaus Hackner was founded as a simple bakery by Anton Hackner Sr. Today the company is led by the third generation of the Hackner family, maintaining over 30 branches and still carries the original rascals Max and Moritz in its logo. Following the motto “who bakes this good, cooks good as well”, new concept restaurant PANO now follows in the footsteps of its predecessors as the new family business.

PANO combines all the best of the bakery, café and bistro all rolled into one location. In addition to the freshly baked goods from their own kitchen, PANO provides guests with the diversity of light and hearty meals in a comfortable atmosphere. Even classic Mediterranean meals have made their way into this eclectic menu.

From the warm croissants, sweet treats, coffee, tea and fresh squeeze orange juice right on down to the most delicious pasta and crispy pizzas, Pano has something for everyone.

PANO also has a spacious outdoor terrace for those who want to enjoy their meal outside. Plenty of tables are shaded with three large Big Ben shades await the guests. Surrounded with green hedges and tall trees the terrace becomes a relaxing oasis to enjoy the summer!

Spotight Pinella Restaurant –Turku, Finland

The city of Turku is located where the river Aurajoki meets the Baltic Sea. West of the capital Helsinki, Turku is the fifth largest city in Finland with a population of about 180,000. At the center of the city, along the banks of Aurjoki, tucked in a small park is a hidden gem, Pinella restaurant.

This restaurant and bar is one of the oldest dining establishments in the country. Steeped in 175 years of history Pinella as it is called today first opened its doors in 1848, by Nils Pinello as a café.Towards the end of the 19th century, Pinella had established itself as a gathering place for artists and was even lead by the Turku Club of Artists. In 1973, the restaurant added on to the orignal wooden building with an adjoining colonnade with its iconic vaulted ceiling.
Today, Pinella combines classic architecture with modern elements and fine dining that create a unique atmosphere. The historic stone building houses the restaurant, where the chefs prepare culinary delights inspired from around the world. The menu is contemporary with a wide variety of options from small plates, salads to full entrees and hearty soups. The in-house bakery offers artisanal breads backed daily complementing any dish.

The original wooden Pinella building houses the new champagne and cocktail bar. The bar offers something special where guests can rendez vous after dinner for drinks. Expert bartenders prepare creative cocktails from the freshest ingredients paired with the finest spirits.

During the summer, Pinella opens its two terraces. On the park-side terrace, guests of the Pinella bar enjoy champagne, cocktails and an excellent view of the surrounding park area. The terrace is shaded by five round patio Big Ben umbrellas, installed by Turun Markiisi ja Peite from Rusko.

The riverside terrace, with the adjoining colonnade has an unhindered view over the bypassing Aurajoki river, offering a serene dining area for guests. Installers Turun Markiisi ja Peite installed four Big Bens with integrated lighting and Solamagic-heaters (completely integrated) offering sun protection by day and guaranteeing comfort at night.

Photo rights were approved by Pinella

Insider tips to Norway!

Outdoor dining at its finest…

Hvaler is a community  in the province of  Norway, just  on the east side of the Oslo fjord.

Tourists and artists alike flock to Hvaler´s  for its archipelago landscape, which consist of 833 forested islands. These islands are connected through toll road and channel to the mainland.

Shrimp harvesting along with tourism is still an integral part of the economic development in Hyaler.  The small village of 3700 residents during the winter months,   grows to over 30,000 during the summer season.  This peaceful village blossoms seeking rest and relaxation in this peaceful village.

Visit Hot spot seafood restaurant  Forste Reis in Skaerhalden, which opened in June 2009. Boasting your idyllic outdoor waterfront,    guests can enjoy the view while being shaded under Caravita’s patio umbrellas .

Big Ben heads to Lyon?

No, the British did not give up their ever famed icon Big Ben to the French. CARAVITA’s beautiful Big Ben Shades, 8 to be exact were installed in the the beautiful town of Le Rhône. With just under half a million residents,  the cafe terraces are a huge draw including the restaurant  “Chez Albert”.

Lyon is the third largest city in France and is well known for its dynamic “Festival of Lights” in December and of course its football team which brings in a lot of fans.

Separated by 2 riviers, residents and toursits enjoy the peace strolls. Need a break from all that walking, have a rest at one of the many sidewalk cafes or coffee restaurants like Chez Albert .

CARAVITA’s  Big Ben shades provide amble coverage with 8 large shades for the outside terrace. Installation images provided by our partners at  ADF STORES in Sallanches.


“Magic comes in all shapes and sizes”




Ivory center masted Big Ben
Light green Riviera with wind roof
Fig colored Riviera with wind roof

Located in Amonk, New York,

Mariani Gardens allows its visitors to be emerged into indoor and outdoor landscapes of intricate designs.  Owner Michael Mariani uses his creative abilities to work with customers to create a unique landscape in a vast open area of land or small, intimate space.  He has traveled worldwide to bring exotic trees, shrubs, annuals, and perrenials to the gardens. As you travel throughout the gardens you will be exposed to “one-of-a-kind landscape” with a blend foliage and stone, designed by Chesney’s of London. The gardens will also take you through an indoor setting with Japanese influence such as bonsai trees, palms, and other exotic foliage.  Mariani Gardens also has a florist that will design  arrangements of “exotic blooms”for your home, business, bar mitzvah,or wedding.

Caravita‘s five sunshades  are scattered about the showrooms and gardens creating seating areas and vignettes for your inspiration.  These photos display our umbrellas’ various colors and customization options that can be tailored to  to their  customers preference, contemporary or classic.    Our special wind roofs shown in our fig and light green Rivera umbrellas allow extra ventilation from the top of the umbrellas.   See our more traditional design in our Samara with valances, beautiful on an outdoor patio, or see how our cantilevered Amalfi can be displayed in the indoor glassed patio. A simple center masted Big Ben looks sharp in the garden setting above.


Gray cantilevered Amalfi
Natural white Samara with valances

 Like us, Mariani works with his clients to customize an ideal landscape with stone expressions, ceramics, and flowers to their preference.  Enjoy a day outside visiting Mariani Gardens and gain new design insight for your indoor and outdoor furnishings or landscapes.


Relax and Recover in Emmerich on the Rhine

Our Big Ben patio umbrellas on the cafe's terrace.

On the Lower Rhine, near the Dutch border, lies the city of Emmerich (approx. 30000 inhabitants).  Tranquil bike paths, beautiful museums, and river boat tours make this small village a perfect place to relax and recover from a busy lifestyle.  Emmerich welcomes its visitors with quaint restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars.

The city’s restaurants and cafes are distinguished by their traditional German design.  The new Caravita Big Ben patio umbrellas accents the European design on this restaurant’s terrace and overlooks the Rhine bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Germany.