Big Ben heads to Lyon?

No, the British did not give up their ever famed icon Big Ben to the French. CARAVITA’s beautiful Big Ben Shades, 8 to be exact were installed in the the beautiful town of Le Rhône. With just under half a million residents,  the cafe terraces are a huge draw including the restaurant  “Chez Albert”.

Lyon is the third largest city in France and is well known for its dynamic “Festival of Lights” in December and of course its football team which brings in a lot of fans.

Separated by 2 riviers, residents and toursits enjoy the peace strolls. Need a break from all that walking, have a rest at one of the many sidewalk cafes or coffee restaurants like Chez Albert .

CARAVITA’s  Big Ben shades provide amble coverage with 8 large shades for the outside terrace. Installation images provided by our partners at  ADF STORES in Sallanches.


Its spring and summer is just around the corner

The chill is still in the air but you can sense the warmer months are just around the corner.. Its time for that spring cleaning- to dust of the outdoor furniture and bring out the umbrellas because warm weather is on its way.

New designs and trends are always springing up each season and with some many shade products on the market it can be difficult do decide.  A good quality commercial grade sunshade is an integral part of a restaurants revenue.

Take a looks at just some of the many restaurants Caravita shades have worked to bring comfort and relaxation to guests and added revenue to the owners pockets.

BIG HORN Steak Restaurant in Norway: Here,  Bajazzo sunshades branded with corporate logos provide shade and rain protection.

As you can see with the  different examples, no shade is created alike.  Especially, giant umbrellas which are a distinctive eye-catcher and provide comfortable enjoyment. The ongoing trend is to install a huge umbrella that is both offering shade protection and an element of  architectural design . CARAVITA offers custom solutions suitable to fit the needs of the space and design challenge. If timeless and  minimalism is your speed or flamboyant and vibrancy is what you are after, the multiple offers of fabric and finish allow you to create something that is right for you.

Large outdoor umbrellas, have become an essential part of the guest experience. Outdoor dining and lounging is an expensive amenity to offer and having the proper protection is key.  A well designed terrace is a costly expensive for  a  hotelier and restaurateur,  but an investment that has a quick return if utilized correctly.

Also Radisson Airport Hotel in Norway decorates its terrace with Bajazzo sun-shade.

Bakery-chain BAKER HANSEN creates an ambient atmosphere.

Outdoor umbrellas are constantly being developed to accommodate the ever changing desires of guests and restaurateurs.  With the use of integrated heating and lighting, the outdoor season can be extended. The integrated lighting of the Big Ben model is particularly elaborate and practical. Lights are  inconspicuously integrated into the struts. No assembly required allowing restaurants to “keep the lights” on with ease.

Use shade a your promotion billboard like  CARLSBERG Brewery.

Take a look at your existing terrace, are you maximizing your revenue possibilities and offering the best value amenity?

Commercial use of cantilevered umbrellas offers shade and added space

Installation of the Amalfi Collection at the The Dupont Hotel, Washington, DC

Now that spring has sprung, it is time to get ready and open up the doors to your outdoor terraces and patios. Although some parts of the  country may  still be blanketed with a white powdery dusting, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the warmer weather.  Spring is here!  So have you realized you have limited space on your outdoor restaurant seating or even garden terrace? Here is a solution- With the use of  cantilevered umbrellas (side pole), you not only maximize space, add visibility but create a dramatic appeal. Don’t have room for heavy cumbersome bases- try a wall mount option allowing optimum floor space or an in ground installation. Bases can be covered with heavy planters, creating a border effect and defining seating areas.

With a the wall mount option, umbrellas can be easily rotated against a wall when not in use allowing for additional space for small terraces or patios. The every present challenge of small space shade solutions, is no longer. So now that spring is here, enjoy the sun- or the shade.