Its spring and summer is just around the corner

The chill is still in the air but you can sense the warmer months are just around the corner.. Its time for that spring cleaning- to dust of the outdoor furniture and bring out the umbrellas because warm weather is on its way.

New designs and trends are always springing up each season and with some many shade products on the market it can be difficult do decide.  A good quality commercial grade sunshade is an integral part of a restaurants revenue.

Take a looks at just some of the many restaurants Caravita shades have worked to bring comfort and relaxation to guests and added revenue to the owners pockets.

BIG HORN Steak Restaurant in Norway: Here,  Bajazzo sunshades branded with corporate logos provide shade and rain protection.

As you can see with the  different examples, no shade is created alike.  Especially, giant umbrellas which are a distinctive eye-catcher and provide comfortable enjoyment. The ongoing trend is to install a huge umbrella that is both offering shade protection and an element of  architectural design . CARAVITA offers custom solutions suitable to fit the needs of the space and design challenge. If timeless and  minimalism is your speed or flamboyant and vibrancy is what you are after, the multiple offers of fabric and finish allow you to create something that is right for you.

Large outdoor umbrellas, have become an essential part of the guest experience. Outdoor dining and lounging is an expensive amenity to offer and having the proper protection is key.  A well designed terrace is a costly expensive for  a  hotelier and restaurateur,  but an investment that has a quick return if utilized correctly.

Also Radisson Airport Hotel in Norway decorates its terrace with Bajazzo sun-shade.

Bakery-chain BAKER HANSEN creates an ambient atmosphere.

Outdoor umbrellas are constantly being developed to accommodate the ever changing desires of guests and restaurateurs.  With the use of integrated heating and lighting, the outdoor season can be extended. The integrated lighting of the Big Ben model is particularly elaborate and practical. Lights are  inconspicuously integrated into the struts. No assembly required allowing restaurants to “keep the lights” on with ease.

Use shade a your promotion billboard like  CARLSBERG Brewery.

Take a look at your existing terrace, are you maximizing your revenue possibilities and offering the best value amenity?

Spruce Up Your Backyard

There are many ways to integrate new and innovative furnishings into your backyard or outdoor patio. Designers- consider unique ways to incorporate ambiance and lighting. Here are some of our favorites- to create a unique atmosphere in an outdoor and indoor setting.

Floating lamp in pool made by Smart Green

Smart green, a Miami company, features various spherical  and square shaped globes that can accent any  outdoor  space. Their various designs are seen floating in pools, accenting hallways, ambient outdoor porches, and bedrooms. Ebel, another favorite of ours creates beautiful collections, traditional and contemporary.

We have the ability to cater to the customers’ preferences with our various collections, colors, and designs.

Fig Bajazzo
Purple Samara

So what type of patio umbrella will spruce up your  terrace or patio? When it comes to ultimate  shade protection, we feel the bigger the better. At Caravita, choose from a variety of collection of umbrellas up to 20 feet, center-masted or cantilevered.  Experimenting with various designs, bright colors- like our fig green  shown in the photo above  can bring a new and lively atmosphere to your backyard or patio.   Customers also have the option  to choose from selection of RAL powder coat finishes- greys and chestnuts seem to be the most popular this season. Pair a Grey color mast with bright colored shade, for a perfect complementing statement.

Looking for a specific pattern to add flare to your backyard? How about a contrast binding to add a nice finishing detail.  Also, check out our creative shades, where you can design your own combination.

Bigger is Better

Four of Caravita's Bajazzo 20 foot umbrellas form a tent in the center of this beautiful outdoor plaza.

At Caravita we manufacture high quality patio umbrellas that range in size from seven to twenty feet.  You may question why would anyone need an umbrella of twenty feet? You would be surprised by how an umbrella of this size could benefit an outdoor space.  Let us take you through the benefits of owning such a large patio umbrella. The umbrella should be at least be 4-5 feet larger than the area being shaded.  Therefore, to shade an area with a table and chairs that seat up to 4 people (approximately 5 feet), an umbrella of at least nine feet would be needed to accomodate the space.  That 4-5 foot rule would apply as the shaded space grows. This is why at  Caravita we offer customization options  based on the arrangement of your outdoor living space.   With our various options from  center masted to cantilevered umbrellas also ranging in color,size, and fabric, we can be sure to cater to any customer’s needs.   As you can see in the image to the right, our large umbrellas like the Bajazzo series are used in groupings to create the effect of forming a large tent.  Check out to view our several other series and customization options!