Impressive and versatile: Parasol Supremo


Its elegant design, the easy handling and the strong construction turn parasol Supremo into an impressive all-rounder for professionals as well as for private customers.
Hospitality, kindergartens, retirement homes and private customers equally rely on the professional parasol with its innovative Easy-Lift-Balance system!

Easy opening due to the balanced sliding mechanism

Supremo´s advanced mechanism is based on the balanced construction of the sunshade´s frame and make the parasol open half-way by itself when unlocked. With little effort the stainless steel handle is raised and Supremo automatically locked into place. This way even parasols with diameters of up to Ø 6 m are handled quickly and easily.

Robust and stable

The Supremo parasol is especially robust. This is because its struts are double supported and because the sunahde is equipped with double-hubs made of massive aluminium. Additional interior reinforcements are used to add even more stability to large parasols.

Parasol Supremo closes easily above tables and seatings

Tables, chairs and decoration can stay where they are when you close the Supremo. That is because of the integrated telescopic system which elongates the mast when you close the sunshade.



No matter where – enjoy the advantages of parasol Supremo and make it your loyal companion for this summer.

Big Ben Freestyle – New Hospitality Parasol custom-made in any form and size

Big Ben Freestyle 1000x750In 2017 CARAVITA is introducing a custom-made, professional parasol called Big Ben Freestyle. Size and form of the new shade can be defined by the client. Big Ben Freestyle allows for shading of outdoor dining areas up into every last corner. Even terraces with protruding walls and other obstacles can now be covered.

“The client sends his draft, we check the technical feasibility, and finally the parasol is produced exactly as specified. For example with a recess or an offset mast.”, CEO Michael Caravita says. “With Big Ben Freestyle we provide our clients with a professional shade and weather protection system up to 36m2.“

As with the standard sizes of the Big Ben series, Big Ben Freestyle benefits from an extremely robust construction. In the wind tunnel, the 3 x 3 m version of the professional parasol braves even storm winds of up to 100 km/h (63 mph).

As an option LED-lights can be integrated directly into the frame in order to serve clients until late in the evening. With the optionally integrated heating system it’s even possible to welcome guests until late into the cold season. Cables and wires are well protected and hidden from sight inside of the aluminum frame.

There’s also a wide range of colours to choose from. More than 200 RAL finishes for the frame, and premium acrylic awning fabrics in more than 100 colours are available. Additional options like rain gutters, side panels and individual prints make Big Ben Freestyle a highly individual shading solution for professionals.

Fashion boutique “Blach”

Patio Umbrella Amalfi Duo 2 by Caravita in front of fashion boutique Blach in Grafenau, GermanyThe fashion boutique Blach is settled in Grafenau, a little town in the idyllic surrounding of the Bavarian Forest. The white trendy Amalfi DUO 2 parasol with its two canopies, draws the customers attention to the fashion boutique. Customes can have a first look at the latest fashion collection of well-known brands or browse for bargains. Amalfi DUO 2 provides shade, where it is needed and protects customes and clothes from the sun.

Blach Fashion boutique is a family business, managed in third generation by Eva Maria Blach. Both, regular customers and tourists, appreciate the fashion boutique. A true love for fashion, honest advice, individuality, high quality and fair prices make the Blach fashion boutique something special.

CARAVITA Photo Competition: Check out the first submissions!

The CARAVITA Photo Competition is in full swing! Many pictures of sun sails and parasols from all over the world have been sent to us (and still are). We’re happy to show you a selection of the best submissions in advance.

Have a look at our selection of the first favorite places of our contributors from France:

Belvedere, Saint Clement de Riviere, France
Belvedere, Saint Clement de Riviere, France
Big Ben, Le Grand Café, Serignan, France
Big Ben, Le Grand Café, Serignan, France
Sun sail, Pont Gibaud, France
Sun sail, Pont Gibaud, France

You like the submissions, but you don’t know how to best stage your parasol?
Then have a look at our photo guide! Here you will find a few tips and tricks. They are simple to use and will help you to present your CARAVITA parasol or sun sail in the best possible way.

You want to participate? Start right now! Submit your photos and take part in our photo competition. You’ll find all the necessary information right here:



Rethink your outdoor advertising with these revolutionary valances for parasols

Many hospitality businesses offer their guests different menus, depending on the time of day or season. But only regular guests, who are already familiar with the owners business, know about it. So the question is:
How to draw the attention of new guests to a current offer?

Parasol valances, which can be changed, depending on the time of day or season! The idea is simple, but brilliant. The concept acquires an especially efficient and inexpensive advertising space for the hospitality business. Outdoor advertising can hardly be more striking.

Party evening with live music, happy hour with special drinks, asparagus season with fresh asparagus dishes or weekly spareribs dinner on Thursday? No problem – simply attach the matching valance to your parasol, depending on the message needed. On the next event there will definitively be a few new guests among the others.

Changing the valances is really easy. Open the zipper, take off the valance und attach the new valance. – Done! There is hardly a faster and easier way to change any kind of advertising message. The interchangeable valances offer a maximum of flexibility.

The valances are made of robust PVC and can be printed with any kind of motives on it. For more information about the useful interchangeable valances, have a look at the CARAVITA brochure “New Products 2014”.

Big Ben 2 defies even storms!

Stuttgart. The Mercedes-Benz wind tunnel. Tense faces looking at a console with flickering screens.
„10km/h more“, Michael Caravita demands.
The noise of the wind increases, becomes almost deafening. When the wind sensor finally shows the magic number, the noise of the wind is drowned by cheering – 100 km/h!

In the high-tech wind tunnel of Mercedes-Benz, usually cars have to show what their worth under the most adverse conditions. Today, umbrellas made by CARAVITA have to prove themselves in the fight against the elements. The tests show which improvements have a positive impact on the product, and these are then made ready for the market.

Caravita Big Ben 2 a great success
“We knew that our umbrellas withstand high stress. Nonetheless we’re overwhelmed by the incredible values that we have witnessed today.“, says Michael Caravita. “We’re particularly pleased about the benchmarks of the new BIG BEN 2. We’ve worked hard on further improving the construction of the giant umbrella Big Ben over the last year. The new BIG BEN 2 is now equipped with a flatter roof and longer U-profiles as support for the struts. Therefore we’re particularly proud of having reached the magic threshold of 100km/h with the 3x3m-version this umbrella!”

Of course, with high wind speeds it still is the best solution to close an umbrella. Nonetheless, high benchmarks make sense and are increasingly often asked for. Because even though nobody would like to sit on a terrace with these high wind speeds – ultimately, it is also important to provide a feeling of security and safety.